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Classic Aerobics

Simple combinations of exercise moves to upbeat music, working you low or high impact. Designed to raise that heart rate, get your muscles working and your fat-burning fired up! It’s fun, friendly, functional exercise!
Ideal for both first timers, those returning to exercise and the more accomplished dance exerciser.

The Classic Aerobics sessions incorporate FREE optional Nutritional Weight Loss Coaching Sessions ahead of the exercise on purchase of the Placebo Diet Resources Pack.

Lindsey is a qualified Placebo Diet Coach and has helped thousands of clients shed unwanted weight and inches over the last 26 years. Using a super, simple colour code nutrition and intermittent fasting system for optimum health and weight loss, the placebo diet also addresses mindset surround eating habits for successful, sustainable weight loss.


"My Life Has Changed"

Lindsey Peters has changed my life for the better in more ways than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.– Karen Potter

Fitness Aerobics

Fitness Aerobics A faster paced aerobic session offering both simple and complex combinations that are achievable for all levels and always fun!
Dance your socks off and let yourself go every Saturday morning to bounce into your weekend.

Whichever class/es you choose, you will be made very welcome!
If you wish to discuss where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact Lindsey for a no obligation an informal chat.



"I lost 2 1/2 Stone in 6 Months"

Lindsey has empowered me to go from fat and frumpy to fit and fabulous.– Debbie Williamson

Hi Intensity Interval Training (HiiT)

An early morning high energy session to challenge and build your fitness.

Varied intervals of fast cardio and power moves with short rest intervals for faster, effective fitness… work at a level that challenges you as an individual. The ultimate fat burning and strength building class! 

"Love Her To Bits"

I especially enjoy HiiT classes which have truly helped with the challenges of learning to run and cope with recovery during long distance runs. Love her to bits x x.– Ruth Devenish

Fitness Bootcamp

A mixed small group session working in teams and as individuals, featuring a mix of interval, strength and conditioning disciplines for a whole body workout.

This convivial, hi energy session is designed to work you to the max!


"I Lost 3 Stone & 39 Inches"

The classes are full of lovely people  and I always leave with a smile on my face.– Charlotte Roos

Fitness Pilates

Strength, stretch and conditioning exercise, both standing and floor-based to improve, balance, flexibility, posture and alignment.

A gentler and more holistic approach to your fitness or to add balance to those with a more vigorous exercise regime

you choose, you will be made very welcome!

If you wish to discuss where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact Lindsey for a no obligation an informal chat.


"She has pazzaz"

Lindsey has the pazzaz and drive that the others don’t have. – Irene Wighton

Candlelight De-Stress Fitness Pilates

A very popular bespoke session every Friday at 6pm.

The key to unwind and release the work week tension and ease you into your weekend.

A 60-minute session which finishes with meditation to clear and relax your mind, body and soul.


"A healthier way of life"

I have never met anyone as dedicated to promoting a healthier way of life than Lindsey – Kathryn Lang

Running Club

Learn to run at our running club. You do not have to be an experienced runner as we welcome all levels from absolute beginners to seasoned athletes. 

"A healthier way of life"

The classes are absolutely outstanding, and Lindsey’s passion,and Love, for what she does, comes across in every class making me just want more 🙂 Sue Coveney

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