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Lindsey Fitness & The Placebo Diet

Discover the effectiveness of fitness classes that work and in conjunction with the Placebo Diet you can catalyse your results.

Thought Field Therapy- TFT

Suffering from emotional issues?  . ..and nowhere to turn. One session of TFT has the power to balance all emotional baggage through a tapping technique.

 Helping You Achieve Fitness & Life Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

With over 26 years of experience in fitness and weight loss coaching, Lindsey Fitness has helped thousands of people across Hertfordshire and beyond reach personal goals they had only dreamed of. Making a start has never been simpler, we are here to listen, advise and guide you… with a fitness regime that works! No goal is too small, no challenge too great. We hold a number of fun and varied classes and courses each week as well as online and home exercise video programmes. We are also excited to be an integral part of  the much talked about Placebo Diet..

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Incorporating The Placebo Diet

Fun Group Fitness & Pilates

Track Your Progress

Unparalleled Support

Private Emotional Balance Sessions TFT

Fitness Classes

Choose from a variety of classes which will have you feeling amazing in no time.

Personal TFT Therapy

Eliminate emotional issues in one session with the Callahan tapping technique.

Running Club

Learn how to run with seasoned professionals and at your own pace.

Placebo Diet

Nutrition is easy using the Placebo Diet that can be  linked to the classes for greater effect.

Who is This For?
Who Will Benefit?

The whole system with Lindsey Fitness is built with you in mind, you simply just work out what you want to achieve and we will guide you in the right direction. If you want weight loss we have you covered, if you want to improve your nutrition, not a problem too. If you want to learn how to run and complete races, once again we have you covered. If you would like to eliminate anxiety, fear or any emotional baggage we can work with you to eliminate that in as little as one session.

I have never exercised before, can I do classes with you?

Of course you can! We cater for the beginner as well as the seasoned exerciser and you can even do something which will get you great results without having to impact your body such as Fitness Pilates.

I do not know what to eat, to lose weight will this help?

Yes it will help because not only does Lindsey have decades of nutritional coaching experience she is now affiliated with a proven system called the Placebo Diet, and this will take you by the hand and really get you results.

Will your running club help me to run a fun run for charity

Yes it will. We have many members that consistently run 5K, 10K and even marathons, some of which have never run in their lives prior to coming to us. We will take you by the hand and help you you to achieve any running goal.

Will the TFT tapping sessions help with my anxiety?

We have had amazing results with people that have been carrying the weight of emotion for decades and in just one session they feel that the negative emotions have been lifted. Don't take our word for it see the testimonials on the TFT page.

Can I try a class before I join?

Yes you can! We have a get a class free voucher that will allow you to choose from a variety of sessions. Click on the free class link or simply reach out to us through the contact us page.

People Are Doing Amazing Things! – Look At Vicki

“Lindsey Fitness Classes and the Placebo Programs are truly a winning combination for me ! I feel mentally and physically great- I can’t remember when I last felt this good – actually I feel FABULOUS!”

We Are Changing Lives

We know who the heroes are . . . YOU!  . . and we are here to help you on your hero’s journey. You can choose from a variety of packages that will allow you to seamlessly take part in the program. We will support, encourage, inspire and motivate you in achieving your goals. 

Don’t know how to goal set?  We can help you with that too. To get more information about the fitness packages on offer click the button below.

What People Are Saying . .

Lindsey Peters has changed my life for the better in more ways than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. Karen Potter.”

The classes are absolutely outstanding, and Lindsey’s passion, and love, for what she does, comes across in every class making me just want more ? Sue Coveney.”

There is so much more to Lindsey than just running her classes, it’s her LIFE and her PASSION to help everyone to live more healthy lives and realise that they can achieve anything. Nikki Stephenson.”

More Of What We Offer

We Love The Placebo Diet

This whole system which is now integrated into our process is what makes us a cut above the rest.

The Lindsey Fitness Newsletter

The “NO FLUFF” newsletter goes out weekly and is packed with information you can take action on immediately

The Running Club

Everyone is welcome at the running club regardless of age or experience. Try us out, you’ll be glad you did.

Change Your Life . . .Try TFT & Take The Powerful Non-Evasive Approach To Healing Aliments Such As Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Addiction. Phobias & Much More!

“I arrived for my session feeling scared, worried, anxious and very unsure. Lindsey carefully explained what was going to happen during the session and quickly made me feel at ease.
The most wonderful thing about my session with Lindsey was that I am no longer painting a smile on my face.
I had a light bulb moment 6 days after that I had not cried once since that session. The old me is back I am strong woman again. I cant thank Lindsey enough for what she had achieved with me in that 1 hour session”. . . Angelica

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